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A Super lazy boy

February 2024

Photos, Found objects, Photoshop

Storyboard Collage

Once upon a time, in a small house nestled in the mountains... Living in this house was a very lazy little boy who sat motionless on the couch every day, doing nothing but eating and sleeping. He was hungry the moment he woke up, so his mother quickly brought a cake to feed him.

One day, his mother had to go on a long journey for some important matters, and it was expected to take several days before she could return. She was in a dilemma, wondering how she could take care of him during her absence. At that moment, a brilliant idea flashed in her mind. She made a giant donut and placed it around the little boy's neck. "This should be enough for him to eat for several days!" she thought. After waving goodbye to her son, she left with a relieved heart.  

Several days later, the mother returned home only to discover her son lying lifeless on the couch, having starved to death. He had been deceased for several days. The mother felt extremely puzzled. She picked up the donut and examined it closely. It turned out that her son had only eaten the part that was within reach of his mouth, leaving the rest untouched! What a lazy little boy! He would rather starve than bother to rotate the donut!


February 2024

After Effects, Premiere Pro

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