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Candy Box Project

In this project, I took my love for tomb raider stories and channeled it into designing a captivating candy box. Drawing inspiration from my favorite genre, I crafted the box to resemble an ancient book that conceals the mysterious secrets of tomb raiding.

October 2022

Museum board, Sculpy, pigment powder

Tomb Reference

Making the cover and the box

The "Candies"

These artifacts from ancient Chinese tombs, such as Jade Bi Discs, Jade Cong and Bi Tubes, and a Ruyi Scepter, were crafted by mixing pigment powder with transparent Sculpey to replicate the jade texture. Some were adorned with a delicate layer of gold pigment.

The last addition is a personalized touch – a laser-cut seal with the inscription "刘欣怡藏" in seal script, meaning "Collected by Liu Xinyi." This seal, once imprinted on the completed box cover, adds a sense of customized exclusivity to my personal collection.

The candies include tools for tomb raiders: a Luoyang shovel for detecting underground tombs, a gold-touching amulet made from pangolin claws to ward off evil spirits, and a black donkey hoof, a legendary treasure believed to subdue zombies.

This is a poem about the tips for searching an ancient imperial tomb. It says:

In pursuit of dragons, behold the winding hills,

Each twist and turn, a gateway to unveil.

Should gates be guarded by myriad locks,

Surely kings and nobles reside within these blocks.

​I put this on the cover of the box as a guidence for viewers.

relief carving
incised carving
Cover poem
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