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Site-Specific Permanent Public Art

A design for site-specific permanent public art. I chose the back door of the RISD Store. The back entrance of RISD was located in a narrow pathway between two buildings, usually accompanied by trash bins, and very few people pass by. It was not very attractive, so I imagined the lives of little mice on that tiny pathway.

April 2021

Paper tape, Mod Podge, wire, clay, RISD Newspaper, sponge, oil paint

Proposal Sketch & Site Research

I decided to use everyday art materials to create their bodies, something as common as what you would find in an art supply store, like paper tape. I grabbed some art-related newspapers from the RISD store to make their clothes.

Sketch mock-up

I finally created three sets of scenes: "Graffiti Mouse," "View-finder Mouse," and "Sculpting Mouse" who make cakes. These little mice are just like the students at RISD, constantly creating art wherever they go.

Graffiti Mouse